Sold out: Air Protector 07A

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With a size of 400 x 200 x 600 mm is the AP07A the smallest module from our company. It draws air on both sides and blows it out on top of the device to the room.

The 7-stage filtration passes through a pre-filter, catalyst filter, formaldehyde filter, activated carbon filter, HEPA filter, sterilizing UV light and an anion purifier. It can clean the air from virus, bacteria, pollen, and all other harmful particles in air, and also can reduce the odor in air at the same time.

The AP07A is designed for a room size of approximate 45 m².




Product Name AP07A Air purifier
Voltage 220 V- 240 V, 50 Hz
Power 30 W – 85 W
CADR (Clean Air Delivered Rate) 350 m/ h
Weight 9,8 kg
Product Size 400 x 200 x 600 mm
Filter 1. Vorfilter  2. Katalysatorfilter 3. HEPA Filter
Main Function Air filtering, Sterilization with UV Light, Anion release

The CADR value of AP07A reaches 355 m/ h, and has a Formaldehyde CADR 81.5 m/ h.

AP07A has a light senser function build-in the device. While the device is in automatic mode, when the ambient light is <5 Lux for 3 minutes, the machine will enter sleep mode. When ambient light is >5 Lux for 3 minutes, it will exit sleep mode and continue running in automatic mode.