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Just Air Berlin is a company specialized in air purification, an independent division of T.O.T.S. GmbH in Berlin.

Despite Just Air Berlin is still a young company, it has more than 30 years of experience in ventilation technology.

At the beginning of 2017, we decided and planned to establish an air purification company called Just Air Berlin. A year later, we sent staff to Singapore, South Korea, Japan and China to inspect air purification factories and get a better and more diverse selection of our products. For a long-term strategy, we are now working with a company in Guangzhou, South China. The partner factory specializes in air purifiers, water purifiers and water dispensers with related accessories. The company managed to successfully get into the Japanese market as well as Singapore and others. The manufacturer has a world-class research and development team with highly skilled designers and engineers. The research and development department covers an area of over 20,000 square meters of the company's premises.

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One year later, we are more than happy to celebrate the official opening of our company.

Recently, we focused on the research, development, manufacture, sales, and service of air cleaner products for general consumers in the residential, schools, offices, and hospitality sectors.

Given the current subtle Situation -- Coronavirus, we have expanded our focus to include aerosol reduction products specifically for schools, retirement homes, restaurants, clinics, pharmacies, etc.

Our goal remains to create a CO2 neutral and pollution-free environment for a healthier life. 

We adhere to the business philosophy of "customer satisfaction comes first ".

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