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How do I know the HEPA 14 filter needs to be replaced?

The Air Protector One has a reminder function and notify Users when the HEPA14 filter should be replaced. From a period of time 3000 – 10000 working hours (depending on the workload), it is recommended to replace it. When the time is reached, the filter indicator light will turn red. After replacement, press and hold the filter button for 3 seconds to reset the time.

Can I hear the Air Protector One?

The noise level of the Air Protector One depends on the strength is has been set and can also be adjusted automatically. Since the noises of the fans at level 1-2 (25-35db) are barely audible, the air cleaner can run during normal working hours and in automatic mode. At maximum power level 4 (55db), the noises of the built-in blower are clearly audible, so we recommend these power levels for intensive air cleaning, e.g. during breaks or when no one is in the room. This way, it ensures a particularly low noise level.

How does Air Protector One works?

Air Protector One is equipped with  two HEPA 14 filters. The HEPA 14 filter has a cleaning efficiency of 99.995% at a particle size of 0.1 to 0.2 nm and can remove virus, bacteria, pollen and pollutants such as smoke, dust and formaldehyde etc. Also it will emit anions to improve air quality.